BR 3: Tuesdays with Morrie by Mitch Albom

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Comments: This books needs no review but just in case you haven’t read it, I hope you do. If you are a movie person, Oprah Winfrey’s done us a great favor by making a lovely 100 minute odd movie out of it as well! The link to the first part of 11 is here. I’ve watched the movie 5 times till date and would not hesitate watching it again soon..

What to expect: A reflective and philosophical journey. The story is a real life tale of a student who has built a career as a successful journalist and all of a sudden sees his old university Professor, his first real mentor and inspiration, on TV being interviewed as he’s fighting a deadly disease. Morrie Schwartz, his professor, on the other hand is on a mission to make the most of what remains of his life and after much deliberation thanks to not having kept in touch for 16 years, Mitch decides to go down and meet his Professor. And it’s then that Morrie teaches his last lesson, a lesson in life..

BR 2: How to become a Marketing Superstar – Jeffrey J Fox

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Comments: Jeffrey J Fox’s style is throw in many ideas in concise small chapters and he does so in this book as well. It’s a quick and easy read with a lot of simple-to-apply marketing concepts laced with a few nice stories. Having said that, it is not a book that has had so much impact!

What to expect: Many byte-sized marketing learnings with quite a few being easy to apply. For eg: Always talk about how much a customer would lose rather than gain. Clear, concise and easy to get through book.

Do I recommend this book?: Shelf it.. until you feel you’d like to get down to designing a flyer or a brochure..

BR1: The Virtues of War – A Novel of Alexander the Great by Steven Pressfield

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Comments: There’s only 1 word for this audio book – ‘Riveting’! While the narrator definitely plays a huge part in making this book such a fascinating read, let’s give due credit to Steven Pressfield for an inspirational take on Alexander’s life.

What to expect: A detailed story of the life of the all-conquering Macedonian monarch, Alexander the Great, with lots of excerpts and stories which you are sure to remember for a long time. The book gives us an in-depth understanding of the personality of the great conqueror and is a definite lesson in leadership!

Add on Mar 16, 2016: 9 years after reading the audio book, I’d still recommend the audio book thanks to fantastic narration. I remember the experience of listening to this book well and it still gives me goosebumps.